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Thunder Creek Home Inspections

At Thunder Creek Home Inspections, we will provide you with quality home inspections. We offer professional and certified inspections to help you keep your investment safe.

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Radon gas is the result of the radioactive decay of Uranium and other elements in the decay chain process. Geologic conditions in Saskatchewan are the main contributors to Radon gas and therefore RDP’s in our homes. RDP’s  ( Radon decay products ) are heavy metals that attach themselves to dust particles and allow them to become airborne and inhaled into our lungs. In North America more than 20,000 people die each year due to Radon gas in their homes.

Short term testing (2 to 7 days) for Radon is recommended to identify if a property has elevated levels of Radon. This will be expressed in Picocuries per litre of air or as a working limit (WL). If the short-term test reveals elevated levels in the home then another short-term test is recommended for quality control purposes with a long-term test to follow if the levels still remain elevated.  Long term testing (3 to 12 months) provides a better picture for the yearly average and should be performed before mitigation systems are installed.


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