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Thunder Creek Home Inspections

At Thunder Creek Home Inspections, we will provide you with quality home inspections. We offer professional and certified inspections to help you keep your investment safe.

Serving the Moose Jaw, Regina, Yorkton, Weyburn, Estevan area & More



Ozone is a gas created naturally by uv rays and lightning. The earths ozone layer is thinner at the poles than it is at the equator.  It is said if this layer was spread out equally around the planet it would be 3mm thick.  When it comes to oxidizers ozone is only second to Fluorine and is 3000 times better at cleaning than Chlorine.  Ozone destroys toxins creating a bacteria, allergen and odour free environment.  Scientist and engineers build mechanical devices that create ozone artificially for people to harness it’s benefits.  Home, car or office, ozone may work for you!

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